East Carolina University Faculty Marshals

Faculty Senate Resolution #21-61
Approved by the Faculty Senate: November 2, 2021
Approved by the Chancellor: December 14, 2021

Faculty Marshals are ten faculty and two alternates appointed from the full-time faculty to serve at graduations and other such ceremonial occasions as requested by the Chancellor. Those appointed should be individuals readily recognized as outstanding members of the academic community.

The Chief Faculty Marshal shall be the faculty marshal in the second or later year of appointment as a faculty marshal and who is of greatest faculty seniority among the faculty marshals. The Chief Faculty Marshal shall serve as ex-officio on the Commencement Committee*.

A Faculty Marshal’s appointment is a one-term, four year appointment beginning August 1.  The Chair of the Faculty will make recommendations in May of each year to the Chancellor, who will appoint the individuals no later than July 31.


*As of 4-20-06 there is no Administrative Commencement Committee.

Resolution History:

FS Resolution #94-45; #21-61