Policy for Making up Missed Class Days

Faculty Senate Resolution #14-59
Approved by the Faculty Senate: April 15, 2014
Approved by the Chancellor: May 21, 2014

As stated in the Adverse Weather Guidelines (effective 7/1/00; revised 2/10):

“6.4 If the Chancellor or designee announces that classes or other activities are cancelled – or that classes are being held under adverse weather advisory – and that this is an optional workday for faculty and staff, the following applies:

6.4.1 Students who miss scheduled activities will be allowed to make up any work missed.

6.4.2 Faculty members should make arrangements to complete all interrupted activities.”

Class time that was missed should be made up by alternative activities or assignments relevant to the classes missed, and chosen at the discretion of the affected faculty members. Suggestions for assignments and activities are detailed in the University’s Instructional Continuity and Contingency Planning website.