Academic Unit Codes of Operation

Colleges/Schools/UnitsCodePTR Standards
Academic Library ServicesAcademic Library Services Unit Code 03-15-2021 (PDF)Academic Library Services PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
Allied Health SciencesAllied Health Sciences Unit Code 06-14-2022 (provisional) (PDF)
Addictions and Rehabilitation StudiesAddictions and Rehabilitation Studies PTR Standards 01-22-2018 (PDF)
Clinical Laboratory ScienceClinical Laboratory Science PTR Standards 05-02-2013 (PDF)
Communication Sciences and DisordersCommunication Sciences and Disorders PTR Standards 05-02-2013 (PDF)
Health Services and Information ManagementHealth Services and Information Management PTR Standards 07-26-2013 (PDF)
Nutrition ScienceNutrition Science PTR Standards 09-30-2015 (PDF)
Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy PTR Standards 05-02-2013 (PDF)
Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy PTR Standards 05-02-2013 (PDF)
Physician Assistant Studies
Arts and Sciences
AnthropologyAnthropology Unit Code 12-13-2018 (PDF)Anthropology PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
BiologyBiology Unit Code 06-21-2017 (PDF)Biology PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
ChemistryChemistry Unit Code 12-07-2020 (PDF)Chemistry PTR Standards 10-20-2020 (PDF)
Criminal Justice and CriminologyCriminal Justice and Criminology Unit Code 05-09-2024 (PDF)Criminal Justice and Criminology PTR Standards 02-28-2023 (PDF)
EconomicsEconomics Unit Code 03-04-2004 (PDF)Economics PTR Standards 01-31-2018 (PDF)
EnglishEnglish Unit Code 06-14-2019 (PDF)English PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
Foreign Languages and LiteraturesForeign Languages and Literatures Unit Code 05-03-2017 (PDF)Foreign Languages and Literatures PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
Geography, Planning and EnvironmentGeography, Planning and Environment Unit Code 06-05-2018 (PDF)Geography, Planning and Environment PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
Geological SciencesGeological Sciences Unit Code 03-28-2017 (PDF)Geological Sciences PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
HistoryHistory Unit Code 10-20-2014 (PDF)History PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
MathematicsMathematics Unit Code01-28-2021 (PDF)Mathematics PTR Standards 09-30-2020 (PDF)
Philosophy and Religious StudiesPhilosophy and Religious Studies Unit Code 10-06-2020 (PDF)Philosophy and Religious Studies PTR Standards 01-31-2018 (PDF)
PhysicsPhysics Unit Code 06-10-2021 (PDF)Physics PTR Standards 06-20-2021 (PDF)
Political SciencePolitical Science Unit Code 05-21-2020 (PDF)Political Science PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
PsychologyPsychology Unit Code 01-24-2020 (PDF)Psychology PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
SociologySociology Unit Code 06-12-2024 (PDF)Sociology PTR Standards 01-31-2018 (PDF)
Brody School of MedicineBrody School of Medicine Unit Code 06-14-2022 (provisional) (PDF)
Anatomy and Cell BiologyAnatomy and Cell Biology PTR Standards 04-26-2013 (PDF)
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBiochemistry and Molecular Biology PTR Standards 04-26-2013 (PDF)
Bioethics and Interdisciplinary StudiesBioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies PTR Standards 11-01-2017 (PDF)
Cardiovascular SciencesCardiovascular Sciences PTR Standards 02-02-2018 (PDF)
Comparative MedicineComparative Medicine PTR Standards 04-26-2013 (PDF)
Emergency MedicineEmergency Medicine PTR Standards 08-11-2017 (PDF)
Family MedicineFamily Medicine PTR Standards 01-30-2018 (PDF)
Internal MedicineInternal Medicine PTR Standards 01-30-2018 (PDF)
Microbiology and ImmunologyMicrobiology and Immunology PTR Standards 01-30-2018 (PDF)
Obstetrics and GynecologyObstetrics and Gynecology PTR Standards 04-09-2018 (PDF)
Pathology and Laboratory MedicinePathology and Laboratory Medicine PTR Standards 01-29-2018 (PDF)
PediatricsPediatrics PTR Standards 01-29-2018 (PDF)
Pharmacology and ToxicologyPharmacology and Toxicology PTR Standards 04-26-2013 (PDF)
Physical Medicine and RehabilitationPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation PTR Standards 01-29-2018 (PDF)
PhysiologyPhysiology PTR Standards 05-21-2013 (PDF)
Psychiatry and Behavioral MedicinePsychiatry and Behavioral Medicine PTR Standards 01-29-2018 (PDF)
Public HealthPublic Health PTR Standards 02-02-2018 (PDF)

Public Health PTR Standards 05-02-2013 (Biostatistics) (PDF)
Radiation OncologyRadiation Oncology PTR Standards 02-02-2018
SurgerySurgery PTR Standards 01-30-2018 (PDF)
BusinessBusiness Unit Code 05-26-2020 (provisional) (PDF)Business PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
Coastal StudiesCoastal Studies Unit Code 03-03-2020 (PDF)Coastal Studies PTR Standards 01-03-2020 (PDF)
Dental MedicineDental Medicine Unit Code 06-14-2022 (provisional) (PDF)Dental Medicine PTR Standards 06-14-2022 (PDF)
EducationEducation Unit Code 04-22-2020 (PDF)Education PTR Standards 01-31-2018 (PDF)
Engineering and TechnologyEngineering and Technology Unit Code 03-15-2023 (PDF)
Computer ScienceComputer Science PTR Standards 03-15-2023 (PDF)
Construction ManagementConstruction Management PTR Standards 03-15-2023 (PDF)
EngineeringEngineering PTR Standards 03-15-2023 (PDF)
Technology SystemsTechnology Systems PTR Standards 03-15-2023 (PDF)
Fine Arts and Communication
Art and DesignArt and Design Unit Code 05-20-2024 (PDF)Art and Design PTR Standards 01-24-2018 (PDF)
CommunicationCommunication Unit Code 06-21-2023 (PDF)Communication PTR Standards 06-21-2023 (PDF)
MusicMusic Unit Code 10-20-2014 (PDF)Music PTR Standards 01-23-2018 (PDF)
Theatre and DanceTheatre and Dance Unit Code 05-24-2019 (PDF)Theatre and Dance PTR Standards 01-22-2018 (PDF)
Health and Human Performance
Health Education and PromotionHealth Education and Promotion Unit Code 06-22-2018 (PDF)Health Education and Promotion PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
Human Development and Family ScienceHuman Development and Family Science Unit Code 06-05-2018 (PDF)Human Development and Family Science PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
Interior Design and MerchandisingInterior Design and Merchandising Unit Code 07-09-2018 (PDF)Interior Design and Merchandising PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
KinesiologyKinesiology Unit Code 06-19-2018 (PDF)Kinesiology PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
Recreation SciencesRecreation Sciences Unit Code 06-22-2018 (PDF)Recreation Sciences PTR Standards 01-31-2018 (PDF)
Social WorkSocial Work Unit Code 06-19-2018 (PDF)Social Work PTR Standards 01-17-2018 (PDF)
Health Sciences LibraryHealth Sciences Library Unit Code 06-14-2022 (provisional) (PDF)Health Sciences Library PTR Standards 02-08-2018 (PDF)
NursingNursing Unit Code 04-19-2024 (PDF)Nursing PTR Standards 10-12-2017 (PDF)

Revised 11/28/2023